#30-Troubleshooting SSIS Package Development

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Speaker: Dustin Ryan

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Date and Time: 8/23/2010 11:30:00 AM CST

BIO: Dustin Ryan is a Business Intelligence consultant and trainer for Pragmatic Works. Dustin’s areas of expertise include Reporting Services, Integration Services, and ASP.net. Dustin is an active member of the Jacksonville SQL Server User’s Group and has created BI and software solutions for clients such as Microsoft, Acosta, AMI, Rayonier, and Centurion Auto Logistics. Dustin also handles the graphic and web design for Pragmatic Works.

Topic: #30-Troubleshooting SSIS Package Development
SSIS package development can often be a time consuming and frustrating task for the inexperienced SSIS developer. Thankfully, BIDS has many tools to assist us as developers in troubleshooting our SSIS packages.. Using these tools (and some other tricks) can allow us to quickly navigate past development road blocks and effectively root out any problems our SSIS packages may have. In Dustin Ryan’s presentation, Troubleshooting SSIS Package Development, Dustin will provide an introduction on troubleshooting your package in the Control Flow and the Data Flow. At the end of this presentation, attendees should understand how to use tools within the BIDS environment to troubleshoot their own packages.